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  1. Quaternary Ammonium Defoamer

    Nimul T added to water to control foaming. Together Nimul D and Nimul T provide excellent solution for easy removal of latex products from formers.
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  2. Methanol Paraformaldehyde Solution

    Formasol-4603 is a 45% Methanolic solution of paraformaldehyde. Its a Clear Liquid.
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  3. Stabilol .

    STABILOL is surfactant composed of highly sulfated fatty acid ester based on a special proprietary blend of fatty acids. It is viscous liquid. Due to the blend of fatty acids, on standing some components may crystallize out but is entirely water soluble and active.
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  4. Foamax .

    Foamax is a mixture of non-ionic and cationic surfactants in an aqueous medium. It contains no solvents and is safe to store and transport. Foamax is a unique sensitising agent which destabilises the rubber colloids.The non-ionics stabilise the foam bubbles while the cationics neutralise the protective charge on the rubber particles causing coagulation thereby resulting in good foam structure.

    Chemical Name: Foam Stabilizer proprietory formulation FS4

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  5. Paraffin Microcrystalline wax Emulsion

    Waxmul-MC is Milky White viscous liquid, Miscible in all proportions with Water.
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  6. Paraffin wax Emulsion

    Waxmul is white to pale yellow an emulsion of Fully Refined Paraffin Wax in water.
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  7. Nimul D

    Nimul D has excellent softness and lubricating effect. When added to spray water for removing condoms/balloons from formers, it facilitates easy removal. The aqueous solution of Nimul D tends to foam because of surface activity.
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  8. Nimul 320

    Ethoxylated Alkyl Aryl phenol. Wetting Agent, Emulsifier.

    Chemical Name: Ethoxylated Alkyl Aryl phenol

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